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Whether you live off of Lombard in St Johns or near 82nd in Lents, we pride ourselves as the best provider of pest control in Portland, and we also value the comfort of your family. Pests can be a menace sometimes and that’s why we are here to take away that stress from you. We have the experience to boot and the passion to do our job beyond your expectation. our Portland team will not leave your property until you’re satisfied.

Pest control services

We offer the pest control services on a residential and commercial level. Pests invade both areas on an equal measure depending on the location of the building and the presence of common places where pests may live, like places with lots of debris. Our services include the diagnosis of the problem, removal of the pests and doing follow up checks to see how the removal processes took effect on the pests.Pest Control Portland 


Odorous house ants are the most common ants in homes. They are usually tiny and brown or black in color and usually live in large colonies. They infest crowded areas, areas with debris and hide in cracks. Be sure to limit debris in your house and seal the cracks and crevices so that they don’t have anywhere to hide. Our ant removal methods will drive them out so just give us a call immediately you spot them.


They are hazardous, what with their stings that can cause inflammation and worse if they attack a pet or individual in their numbers. They may be found in trees in your compound or even on walls just under the roof where they set base. With our expertise, we make sure to drive them out before they manage to cause any havoc to anyone in the vicinity. We value honey but you don’t have to live under threat from a bee or two in your house always ready to strike.


A rodent infestation is not a pleasant one. You don’t want to come across rats as you wake up in the middle of the night for a toilet break. They contaminate your stored food and spread bacteria in the process hence they are a big health risk. They go overboard when they access your closet only to find your precious dress with rat-holes later. Avoid such issues on time by allowing us to come and offer you our rodent removal services in your home. We guarantee you they won’t stay a day longer when we move in, to move them out.

We deal with more pests and insects like spiders, fleas, bed bugs and termites efficiently with our tried and tested products that are safe for houses. After the removal services, we come for periodical follow up sessions to make sure the pests are not back to disturb. Our first and subsequent visits are conducted in a professional manner and happen at times best suited for individual clients.

We listen to your needs and our friendly staff will give you correct and timely solutions to your satisfaction. Our brand in this field is testament to out suitability for the pest control services so feel totally at home when you make the decision to call us to help you out.

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