How a Good Roofing Contractor Can Help You Out!


Roof Repair for Your Most Important Investment!

The roof of your home is one of its most important parts. So while repairing it or replacing it you should find out a good roofing Portland contractor. But while finding a good contractor you should know the type of services you can expect from them; it will help you to compare various contractors to find the best and most reliable one for your home roof.

The services you can expect from a good roofing contractor may include:

  • Complete inspection of the roof – Some roofing contractors or companies conduct free inspection of the entire project to give you a rough estimate of cost without charging any fee. During this inspection they depute expert professionals who will walk on the roof to search out defects minutely and submit a report regarding current condition of the roof. Though this service is normally free unless you do not tend to repair or renovate it but just assessing its present condition.
  • Selection of roofing materials – Whether you want to repair your old roof or replacing it entirely the main thing that bothers homeowner to find out the best materials for his roof within his budget. A god roofing contractor can help you in finding the roofing material matching to the existing roof, in case of repair, or the entire decor of the home, in case of replacement. They can guide you about the quality and quantity of the materials required to complete your project by calculating it accurately. It will not only save your time and money but your efforts also as you need not go anywhere else for all these things.
  • Removal and installation – A good roofing contractor will remove the damaged roof wisely to repair it in a very cost effective manner. Instead of removing the damaged roof without saving its undamaged part your contractor will remove only that part which is not repairable in any condition. He will use proper tools to remove only the damaged shingles and replace them perfectly and securely with the help of nails, caulks and pins to prevent the leakage of the water under it. Even while replacing the damaged roof he will replace only the rotten decks to save unnecessary spending of his client.
  • Understanding warranties – Several manufacturers of roofing materials offer warranty on their products and services. But most homeowners are not aware about such warranties. A good contractor can help you to understand the terms of the warranty so that you can claim from the company if any defect in the materials and their results is found later on within warranty period.
  • Understand insurance coverage – Most roofing contractors are considered to be working with the insurers as they know their working style. A good roofing contractor can help you in dealing with the insurance companies to get the most favorable insurance cover at a very reasonable cost.

Get Roofing Ideas From New Developments in Portland

Not sure what type of roofing material to use for your home? Sometimes just looking at other homes around town is the best way to get ideas for your own. The new communities along Skyline Road and Cornell Boulevard in the Hillside district are a great place to start. The views are pretty nice, too!

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The Best Pest Control Portland



Pest Control Portland

The Best Pest Control in the Rose City!

Whether you live in rat-central Downtown, or in a woodsy Linton bungalow buzzing with yellowjackets, you need the best pest Control in Portland. You need to employ the right tactics when trying to get rid of pests. There are some tactics you can employ and they end up leaving you with a lot of side effects. For instance, you should go for methods which will not expose your family members to cases of pollution. All the methods we use are safe methods. We adhere to all Portland regulations when it comes to getting rid of pests. There are different types of pests which can invade your home. We use different methods to get rid of them. First, we will assess the condition of the pest and look for the best ways which can help you get rid of the problem once and for all.

Why you need to hire us for pest control services

Quick turnaround

We know any delay to offer you quality services can expose you to stress. We have fully equipped service trucks which we can use to reach you within the shortest time possible. There is no need of being stressed on how you will get rid of the pests. Even if you arrive home and you find the pests have infested your home, just call us and we will show up within a short period of time to eliminate them. We are a company which is dedicated to make you enjoy peace of mind free from pests in Portland.

Affordable services

We do not exploit our customers in any way. All our services are offered at the best rates available in the market. You can even contact us for a free quote. Our rates depend on factors such as the type of pests and the pesticides required in removing them. There are some pests which are hard to remove. They keep on returning after a short while. But, our professionals know how to tackle them so that they will move and never come back. Such pests we remove them and remove their nests if they have built some in your home. There is no any form of hidden costs in our quotes. The amount you will see on the quotes is the only amount you will have to pay.

Safe pest control methods

There are some pest control methods which can expose your family members to health risks. But, we know the right methods which you can use to get rid of the pests and assure your family members great peace of mind. As a company, we will always ensure you have quality services in your home. We deal with all types of pests. Even if they are dangerous to control, we have the tactics to handle them. Our professionals have vast experience in the field which they will utilize for you to be assured of quality services. We employ high level of professionalism in our service delivery. We will handle the pests even if they have infested areas in your home where you will like to achieve high level of privacy. Contact us anytime, and you will be assured quality services.


The Killers
9498 Southwest Barbur BLVD Suite 312
Portland OR 97219
(503) 777-3141

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A Day I Won’t Forget And The Siding I Had To Buy

The day the tree hit my grandmother’s modest ranch home in south
Vancouver was one nobody in my family will forget.

I was reminded of this recently when I was out looking for siding for my
new home. The classified ad for the place I was driving to was so simple in a
country way, “siding Vancouver Wa
was all they managed to write and all I needed to know. The direct and
blunt nature of the ad reminded me of my time in Vancouver and brought back
memories of that fateful day.


My wife had just given labor to our youngest of three boys and everyone was
more concerned about what it’s name would be than they were about the record
breaking thunderstorm that was creeping in from the west. People in Vancouver are
family oriented and nothing gets the town talking like a new baby.


We got careless and we paid the price.
See life out in the country needs your full undivided attention and that was a
lesson that had been drilled into us at a very young age. Nothing else matters
if the homestead was not safe and secure. My grandmother’s words are as clear
now as they were when I first heard them. While the entire family was off doing
a thousand different things to prepare for the arrival of it’s newest member
the wind and the trees around that old house had a plan of their own.
And we would not enjoy it’s outcome.


The damage was immense and the financial consequences even greater. The
gash that tore through my grandmother’s former living room was twelve feet high
and nine wide. The sheriff who first arrived on the scene called it a “big
old hole” and big it was. It was also expensive as hell to have fixed. The
quotes started in the low four figures but by the time it was determined that
the impact had literally moved the home off its foundation we were in five
figure territory.


Lesson learned.


Today me and my wife have a nice ranch style home in Washington and believe
me when I say I made sure to steer clear of any malicious looking trees. I
always look out for the homestead and while their are no huge wind storms like
back home, Vancouver is prone to a hail storm or two.


I was sure to get siding that was hail resistant and had top of the line
state-of-the-art interocking panels that would keep out any excess moisture.
The thickness of the siding was equally important, so I went with a reversed
rolled-over railing hem in order to double the thickness on the surface.


I even went as far as to consult the Vinyl Siding Institute before I made
my purchase. You can imagine their suprise when a regular customer was asking
for advice on home siding but I explained to them that where I’m from you take
nothing for granted when it comes to your house. They recommended that I go
with .046″ thick heavy gauge vinyl and to make sure I got it in a D4 or D5
profile so it can last the longest.


My children will live in a safe home no matter how much research I have to
do or money I have to spend, you can’t put a price on your kid’s safety and
since I’d already spent thousands dealing with a broken wall I’d rather not go
through it again.


The salesman told me this siding can withstand hail and winds of up to 112
mph. He looked at me funny when I asked about the trees.

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We are the answer to pest control in Portland

The Best Provider of Pest Control Near You

Whether you live off of Lombard in St Johns or near 82nd in Lents, we pride ourselves as the best provider of pest control in Portland, and we also value the comfort of your family. Pests can be a menace sometimes and that’s why we are here to take away that stress from you. We have the experience to boot and the passion to do our job beyond your expectation. our team will not leave your property until you’re satisfied.

Pest control services

We offer the pest control services on a residential and commercial level. Pests invade both areas on an equal measure depending on the location of the building and the presence of common places where pests may live, like places with lots of debris. Our services include the diagnosis of the problem, removal of the pests and doing follow up checks to see how the removal processes took effect on the pests.


Odorous house ants are the most common ants in homes. They are usually tiny and brown or black in color and usually live in large colonies. They infest crowded areas, areas with debris and hide in cracks. Be sure to limit debris in your house and seal the cracks and crevices so that they don’t have anywhere to hide. Our ant removal methods will drive them out so just give us a call immediately you spot them.


They are hazardous, what with their stings that can cause inflammation and worse if they attack a pet or individual in their numbers. They may be found in trees in your compound or even on walls just under the roof where they set base. With our expertise, we make sure to drive them out before they manage to cause any havoc to anyone in the vicinity. We value honey but you don’t have to live under threat from a bee or two in your house always ready to strike.


A rodent infestation is not a pleasant one. You don’t want to come across rats as you wake up in the middle of the night for a toilet break. They contaminate your stored food and spread bacteria in the process hence they are a big health risk. They go overboard when they access your closet only to find your precious dress with rat-holes later. Avoid such issues on time by allowing us to come and offer you our rodent removal services in your home. We guarantee you they won’t stay a day longer when we move in, to move them out.

We deal with more pests and insects like spiders, fleas, bed bugs and termites efficiently with our tried and tested products that are safe for houses. After the removal services, we come for periodical follow up sessions to make sure the pests are not back to disturb. Our first and subsequent visits are conducted in a professional manner and happen at times best suited for individual clients.

We listen to your needs and our friendly staff will give you correct and timely solutions to your satisfaction. Our brand in this field is testament to out suitability for the pest control services so feel totally at home when you make the decision to call us to help you out.


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Claim Your Home Back; Hire Professional Pest Exterminators in Portland

Pest Control Services Near You

Whether you live in the lush wooded areas of the Southwest Hills, or the sprawling suburbs east of the 205 freeway, your home should be the epitome of comfort and solace. However, a quick turn of events may occur if your home is infested by crawling insects and pests. These little uninvited guest can cause unimaginable havoc in your home. The worst thing about them is that they do not conduct themselves in a favorable manner. A roach may present itself on your guest’s soup or choose to talk a walk on their coat causing immeasurable embarrassment. If pests such as roaches, ants, lice, bed bugs, ticks, mice and even raccoons have made your home their haven then you may want to contact a professional pest control exterminator in Portland.

Professional Exterminators When DIY Efforts Fail

A common misconception is that anyone can get rid of pests on their own. It may seem easy in our heads but it is only after attempting this practically will you realize how troublesome it actually is. The fact that these pesky crawling nuisances are tiny makes it easy for them to evade us hence winning the battle. You may attempt to eradicate them but failure is almost guaranteed. It is only a matter of time before you throw in the towel and seek the professional help of an exterminator.

There are many people branding themselves as exterminators but your safest bet is contacting a company who will then send an exterminator over to sort you out. The best thing about hiring an exterminator is that he definitely has done this severally. He is knowledgeable of all the hide outs that your unwanted guests may be hiding in. An exterminator also knows the correct and most effective measures necessary to eradicate pest for good. A task that would have taken you days will only take them a few minutes depending on the level of infestation.

Bug Infestations Can be a Health Hazard

Handling an infestation will probably see you getting rid of pests that you can physically see. On the other hand, an exterminator will go vast and beyond to unveil other secret hideouts for a complete wipe out. For instance, you may establish that there is a bed bug infestation by the red bumps on your skin. You probably will get rid of the visible bugs on the surface of your mattress and call it a day. An eradicator on the other hand will check the cracks on walls, joints on the bed, torn wall paper, seams of the mattress and even carpet to unveil more bugs. Their hands on experience puts them at a better position to eradicate pests and insects from our homes.

Sometimes it takes more than just a few smacks and claps in the air to get rid of roaches and mosquitoes. If the infestation is extensive, the exterminator will be forced to fumigate the entire house. You will be required to leave the premises for a few days so as to get rid of them all.

Hiring an exterminator is not a luxury as far as your safety and health is concerned. Some pests are harmful to your health and may even cause adverse allergens hence threatening your well being. Sometimes raccoons die and leave an unbearable stench all over your house. Tracing the exact location of the carcass is almost impossible hence need for the professional help of an exterminator.

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How to Hire a Professional Pest Control Service in Portland

Are you looking for a pest control service?

Do you want to know why should hire professionals for the pest control? Whether it’s out of control ants in your apartment on Hawthorne, or a wasp nest on the back deck of your home in Irvington, the best way to get rid of them is to choose the right professional. You cannot remove or kill them completely without the proper skill. You will not be able to find their hiding places and hidden areas. Hence, it is always suggested to hire the pest control Portland professionals to make your home a safe place for your family.

Why should you hire a professional exterminator?

Benefits are many. First of all, you can expect durable and effective results from the professionals. Professionals are skilled and experienced. They have the right tool and chemicals to make the process safe and easy. Another benefit is that they can remove the pests for a long time. They know the exact hiding places and they will try to remove them completely. You cannot do it on your own without proper skill. Even if you try to do, then the process will not be that useful and you might experience the same problem within a month. Therefore, it is always suggested to hire the professionals to get quality and long-lasting results.

How to hire professionals

As you will find many services in Portland, it might a bit difficult for you to choose the right service. All the services claim to offer the best result. Instead of going by their claims, you should do your own research to know which service is best and can offer you a quality and safe results. Consider the following tips while hiring a professional for the pest control.

Inquire about the safety measures

This is more important if you have kids and pets at your home. Make sure that they are taking enough safety measures to make the process safe. Inquire about the chemicals and working procedures. You should not allow them to use any of the chemicals that can be harmful and ensure that they are cleaning the entire property properly after the procedure.

License, insurance, and reputation

If you want to hire a reliable service, then you might ask about the license and insurance. A skilled and experienced service will have the both. If the service does not have any, then consider other options. If the service is available online, you can go through customer’s feedback to know both the positive and negative aspects.

How much does pest control cost?

Before hiring any service, you should discuss the price and other requirements to avoid any confusion. Make sure that there are no hidden charges. Besides, you should discuss the chemicals and other tools that will be used in this process. If you want to get a reliable service at an affordable price, then you will have to contact two to three services to know which service can offer you a quality work within your price.

Follow these simple tips to hire a right pest control professional in Portland. The process will be easy and less time consuming. You just need to be a little careful to get the best result.

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How to choose the best roofing contractor in Portland

Do you need a roofer?

Are you looking for the best roofing contractors Portland? It is not an easy job. You need to hire someone who has the adequate knowledge and experience in roofing. If you are new in your city, then the task might be more difficult for you. Hence, it is always important to do a thorough research about the available services so that you will be able to get the best roofer for your roof. Do you need some tips to make the process easy? Consider the following.

Research roofing companies

In this digital world, nothing is impossible. You can get every detail of any service with the help of the internet. If you are looking for a roofing service, then you can do a Google search about the available service of your area. Make a list of some of the popular services. Then limit your research on those services. You can contact two to three services to know about their skill, experience, license, and reliability. If you find everything satisfactory, then consider the service.

Recommendations for roofing contractors on social media

Practical experience is always better than any research result. If some of your neighbors and colleagues have used any roofing service, then you can ask them for the referral. You can inquire about their work procedure and price. Hire them if they are able to meet your demands.

Local roofing service

You should consider a local service. If you hire a local service, it will easier for you to gather the information about the service. You will find many services in your area. You just need to know which one is more reliable and can help you to offer the best service at an affordable price. Take the help of the local people to know which service is more skilled, experienced, and can offer the best work.

Licensed and insured to perform roofing services

You should always hire a certified service. If it is a company or organization then make sure that all the employees have the required skill and the certification to complete the job effortlessly. Besides, you should ensure that the service is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. You can expect better work from a licensed and insured service.

Make sure to also ask about:

Work samples

If you are satisfied with the skill, experience, and the reputation of a service then you can ask for the sample work. Remember that any good service can offer you the previous work samples. If they find it difficult to show the samples, then you should consider other services.


Before hiring the roofer, ask about the price. Make sure that there is no hidden charge. More importantly, you should not make all the payments in the advance. The advance should not exceed more than the ten percent of the total payment.


Ask them what type of the material they are using. Make sure that the material is good and durable. Go through all the details before finalizing one.

Follow the above tips to get the best roofer in Portland. Whether you’re a developer in need of a roofing company to help with a large project on Williams Avenue or a homeowner who needs a roof replacement for their bungalow on Dekum Avenue, a little effort can help you to take the right decision.

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